Republic Day 2022: When and where to watch Republic Day parade LIVE on January 26

Republic Day 2022: When and where to watch Republic Day parade LIVE on January 26

With the coronavirus pandemic raging, Republic Day is scheduled to be celebrated with a number of restrictions imposed by the centre and the size of the audience has also been cut down drastically.

Earlier this month, a top Defence Ministry official had said, “We are promoting people to watch in the online format. The audience numbers will be curtailed so that they don’t become super-spreaders. The number would be between 5000-8000.” This time the Republic Day parade will be delayed by 30 minutes so that people can have better visibility. It will start at 10:30 am, the official added.

Here’s how you can watch the Republic Day parade live from the comfort of your home:

The parade will also be live-streamed on state broadcaster Doordarshan’s YouTube channel right from Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting the National War Memorial near India Gate till the end of the parade. The Press Information Bureau (PIB) will also be live-streaming the Republic Day parade on their YouTube channel.

The Republic Day Parade 2022 will also be broadcast live on news channels such as the DD National channel.

The Defence Ministry has also launched a mobile app for 72nd Republic Day celebrations. The app, “Republic Day Parade 2021” or “RDP 2021”, can be used to watch the parade live. It is available on both Android Play Store and Apple Store. ​

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